Thursday, September 11, 2014

Be Active, Open Your Senses and Enjoy Sharing

An experience today reminded me of the importance of being active and keeping my senses open so as to be a vessel for sharing experiences.  Giving and receiving, especially exchanges with strangers where there are no obligations or expectations, is important for a healthy spirit.  In such relationships you know for sure that the only reason for relating is because both parties want to.  These types of relationships feel freeing because there is a flow of energy between both people and such relationships serve as a reminder of how all our relationships are meant to be.

Today was the first cold and snowy day of the year in Casper, WY.  I was tempted to stay inside and avoid the elements because of the weather.  But I felt a little niggling inside that it was important to get outside and walk through the neighborhood.

Immediately after walking outdoors I felt much lighter.  I was happy I had motivated myself to get outside and enjoy the light snow fall.  It was uplifting to see children playing in the snow and making snowmen.  As always, when I go for my walks I keep my senses open for sharing experiences.  I normally bring cash and often bring lavender oil which is a good first aid remedy.  I love providing my holistic clinic services "on the go" in this way.

Today while walking I heard a car honk its horn.  When I looked I noticed two boxer dogs standing in a busy street.  I called for them and both came wagging their short tails.  Neither had identifying information on their tags, but I was sure I knew their home.  I grabbed both by the collar to prevent them from being hit by a car and walked them home.  Fortunately both dogs were totally agreeable with the plan.  I love solving problems and I was grateful to be in the right place at the right time to help these two dogs.

Just before arriving at their home, another neighbor noticed me and grabbed one of the two dogs to help me return them home.  After completing that task, this person whom I had just met for the first time, asked if I would like some fresh vegetables.  She had a garden and it was going to freeze tonight.  Within minutes my pockets were bulging with beans and zucchini.  A delight for this vegetarian.  

When I got home and reflected on this evening's walk, I realized that in a brief moment I could have missed out on this whole experience if I would have been lazy and stayed inside.  I could have also missed out on connecting with my neighbors if I had ignored the honking car and the two stray dogs.  Sometimes there is just a brief moment to act and within a couple minutes you can manifest experiences which change the tone of your whole day.  Being in the right place at the right time is a gift which can fill your day with spiritual treasures.  Keep space in your life, be active and keep your senses open when you are out and about and start to manifest sharing experiences with your future friends.  Start connecting with your neighbors who may be just waiting to for your presence.